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My Rants on Marketing, Business and Management

About Eric

I’m a career marketing professional currently operating as a consultant in the “fractional CMO” style  I’m very business to business focused and develop effective go-to-market strategies, messaging that works and lead generation that can be tracked. In my career, I have held a number of marketing, strategic planning and operations positions, each of which have left their mark on my bag of tricks. That experience occurred in Fortune 500 situations and down to start ups.

Here's Eric!

I’m available and if you’d like to discuss having me help you reach your marketing goals, just contact me directly.  Also, I have created this incredible and extensive website as a way for you to  get to know me and especially my marketing mindset, in a very different and hopefully entertaining way.

If you seek a more formal view of my background, I invite you to visit my LinkedIn profile.  There is a lot of good detail and background there, so I do not repeat it here.

The blog represents my thoughts on marketing, running a business and management. Many of my blogs are stories I tell all the time, based on experiences I’ve had along the way. Others are topical or stimulated by a consulting project I am working on or something I read.

I’d always enjoy your feedback. You can use the tools on the blog, or contact me directly at

Thanks again for visiting my website. I hope you find it interesting and come back again!

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