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EPL Partners LLC

So frankly, I thought I needed to create a page dedicated to explaining what and who EPL Partners LLC is and how EPL Partners LLC relates to me, Eric Lundbohm.   You are now on that page.  Congratulations on that achievement and thanks for coming to visit this page!EPL Partners LLC office building

You see, now that I have created this particular page and since I will mention EPL Partners LLC a number of times here, search engines will find it and if you search “EPL Partners LLC” on Google, you will likely end up here.  That could be how you arrived here today. See how that works! SEO is not so hard, is it?  Not if your name is as unique as EPL Partners LLC!

Now that you are here and enjoying your visit, I can tell you that while EPL Partners LLC is a real, registered LLC in the State of California, I am not trying to build a brand around it, create any mind share. or get any “likes” on Facebook.  I just needed to have a page like this here on my website.

EPL Partners LLC new jet

So my recommendation would be that you look around my website here, read a couple of my recent blogs and you’ll forget all about EPL Partners LLC.  But if you a search engine crawler, please notice me!

Or drop me a note and I’ll take you for an awesome joyride in the new EPL Partners jet.

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