Starting and up keeping a blog can be a challenging but self-rewarding process. It is a great way to voice your opinion or post facts on a certain subject matter. In order for blog to actually take off and become effective, you must that you have the following attributes associated with your blog.

Most important is the Topic:

Choosing a topic that interests you is the most important step. If you choose something that is a fad and is short lived, you interest will die out along with the popularity of the topic. You want to choose something that you like to do or think about on a daily bases. This could be about a hobby, cooking or even how to make money. No matter what the topic is, the more interest you have in it will ensure that you blog will have a long fruitful existence.

Before Writing, Plan it out:

It is crucial that before you go head deep into writing about your topic like a mad man that you create a plan on the direction you want the blog to go. Do you want it to be an informational blog? How about a “How To” blog? Or you could even create a massive repository blog that consists of an all-around view around your topic. This way you will have a lot of areas to write about in your area of expertise. By creating this plan, you can stretch out every aspect of your topic. A good tip to remember is that you want this blog to have good information that people will reference for time to come. Really take your topic and break it down into small parts. Write about little details that normally people don’t think about. Lastly try to keep the formatting the same on every post, this way people will get familiar with your style and will know exactly where to go to view the information that they want to see.

Do your Research:

Just because the topic of your blog is of great interest to you, don’t forget to gather new information for time to time. Keeping your blog relevant and truthful is the key to success and keep people coming back for more. One of the worst things that could happen is if you are writing about false information or accusations and another blogger gets wind of it. That could be the end of your blog.

Create your Post title after you write the Article:

The post title is your gold ticket to capturing your reader’s attention. By writing your content first, then creating the title, you can ensure that you will capture everything that is in your post accurately in the title. Then you want to include enough information to lure them in, but not too much where they won’t actually need to read the article. Posting a question as a title is a good strategy to entice the reader to want to answer that question by reading your post.

Lastly, have fun with designing the look of your blog:

You want your blog to stick out, so that when readers talk about it they have something to remember it by. Whether this is a slogan or certain layout that you have, be creative and have fun showcasing what you want your blog to be. Another good tip to help with this is including pictures and videos on your blog. People like pictures and videos, try to include at least a cover picture with each post.