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Getting Started on the Google Ad Network

45701280 - kiev, ukraine - september 02, 2015:new google logotype printed on paper, cut and pasted on wooden is usa multinational corporation specializing in internet-related services.

A big portion of a successful marketing campaign is having great ads that lure in the potential customers. The Google Ad Networks is one of the largest ad networks on the internet. They account for around 20 percent of the internet AdWords which reaches around 90 percent of internet users, that is a pretty big hand in the advertising industry. Whether you are trying to promote your website or a product, utilizing Google to advertising is the best step you could take to get your information seen by the internet.

Choose Your Keywords Getting started with google advertising is simple, first step is you will need to determine what you will be advertising. By providing this information to Google, they will provide you with a list of the most popular AdWords used to date. Once you have chosen what keywords you want to use, google will use these to show your ads to this person the next time they are searching for something closely related to your keyword. This is the overall process on how the ad placement works. For example, if your ad product is suave soap, every time a user searches for “dish soap” they will be presented with relevant ads around different brands of Soap they could potentially buy.

Design Your Ad Your second step will be to actually design and create what your ads will look like. Now google does provide some standard examples you can use, but by making a few different options for google, you can have them cycle the ads so they won’t get overused. By using Googles ad builder tool you can make your ad virtual anything you want. Whether it be a text, picture or video ad, Google’s ad builder will help facilitate your creation.

Determine Placement Next you will want to choose where on the webpage your ads will be shown, this is called ad placement. Depending on what you are trying to market, placement is key. Having your product pop up in the middle text seems to be a popular option. As the reader is educating themselves in the article they will stumble over your ad and they might click it because have some interest in that product. Choosing which specific websites your ad will live on is also something you will cover in ad placement. Making sure that you place them somewhere relevant to your product is crucial to the ads success.

Monitor Lastly you want to use Google’s analytics services to constantly monitoring all the websites that will host your advertising. By monitoring the performance like how many clicks and how many clicks to purchases will give you a good idea if the ads location is a good fit. If you have placed an ad on a site that is not getting any traffic anymore because the owners have abandon it, then it would be a good idea to go ahead and remove your ads as well. You never want to associate your advertisement with a malicious or dead website.

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