In content marketing it is not just about having an idea and putting it on paper. Having the proper process in place to ensure that not only you are creating well thought quality content, but also ensuring that your content is consistent and effective at the same time.

In the world of business to business marketing (B2B), roughly 44 percent of the industry is stuck with the same problem of not knowing if or how they’re marketing is playing a positive role for their product. In the long run this can be troublesome as your company can lose money if not properly budgeting what will be needed. This stat also shows that not enough businesses are educated enough to care what the marketing team is doing, they may judge the work they do by how the ad looks in the newspaper or how many times they see there commercial on TV. The following are some ways to increase your content marketing as a whole.

Increasing Effectiveness: this may be easier said than done, but the top 40 percent of companies that excel in content marketing spend more time focusing on how the content will affect people in a positive light instead of how the image may actually look. Thinking of new ways to brainstorm or incentivize people for their opinions is a valuable option. A good example of increasing effectiveness would be to have a short meeting, shorter than normal, this will motivate people to work harder for a shorter period of time without even thinking about it. When you go from an hour long meeting to a 15-30 minute meeting, it creates a sense of appreciation to the meeting owner for giving them part of their day back.

More Communication: included in your content market strategy you should leave time for open discussions around what you are publishing. According to industry statistics, around 60 percent of the market meets daily or at least weekly to have conversations to keep everyone in the loop. Meetings with customers, other groups within your company and even C-level executive’s will help you provide better content that suits everyone.

Document your Process: you may find this one to be tough at first. Everyone likes to do and not take the time to go back and write down how you got the results you got. This is one of the most important steps you can take. Polishing your content marketing strategy on a bi-annual bases will ensure that your process is growing with the company. Included in your strategy should be things like each writers editorial marks, tactics or techniques used and contact information for who worked on what. In the marketing industry, roughly 50 percent of the market agrees that the documentation portion of the creation process is not done and is also the most important aspect in creating quality content.

All in all if you stick to your guns and really focus on increasing your overall effectiveness, communication and documentation as a company/marketing team, you can increase not only the number of views or likes you get on an assignment. You will gain respect from your target companies.