You just got hired as the content marketing intern at a major firm and then just assigned a big task that could change your professional career for the good. So you take that the newly assigned project and are eager to do well to impress your new employer. Then you run in a problem, you have no idea where to start. After reading this article you will be able to not only start your project, but have a complete timeline of what you will need to wow the C-levels and get that promotion you desire.

The first thing you will need to do is find reputable white papers on whatever your central topic is. Gathering all the general data first will give you a good sense of what you will need to really grab your viewers’ attention and get them to commit to your product. In your white papers you will want to state only facts from good sources.

Next you will want to do some research on blogs that cover your particular topic. This is a good way to see what the general public thinks about your topic. You may even get some suggestions from blog comments around what they might want to see from a particular topic. You have to remember this is where you will get likes and dislikes about your content, do not confuse your research with information from the blog posts.

Infographics will be one of your most popular options and probably one of the easiest to make as well. Taking a sketch or and image representation of your content and integrating words with it to really get your point across is an amazing trend in the past 3 years. These graphs can be created in many ways to really speak to your viewers and it can be portrayed in ether a positive or negative light.

Spreading your content using videos is widely popular option that many of people prefer to see. Since there are so many ways to force the videos in front of people without them really even knowing Using TV, YouTube or Ads to flash short blips of your content subconsciously will make a huge impact on your company. The only downfall to video content marketing is it is not the easiest thing to do. Making good quality content videos takes a lot of time and resources, but could be well worth it in the long run.

Lastly, there is the option of creating eBooks based on your content. Out of all the options, this one is often the most time consuming. You will need to do extensive research and then find a way to get the book published.  But the results can be spectacular!

Regardless if you are the new Intern or a senior marketing writer, all content marketing comes down to these five forms of content. Now lets go off and create some killer content!